Wallpaper Changer for Reddit automatically updates your home/lockscreen wallpapers from your favorite subreddits

There have been a number of applications that will automatically change the wallpaper of your home screen and/or lock screen for you. There have even been some made available specifically for your favorite subreddits, but XDA Senior Member chibichuba felt mostly unsatisfied with what was available. So they spent 6 months creating Wallpaper Changer for Reddit, which they feel ramps it “up to a level of fine-tuning and features that would give even the most particular technophiles something to chew on.”

The application is available for free in XDA Labs or the Google Play Store, supports any image-based Reddit subreddit, and links from Imgur, DeviantArt, Reddit direct, Flickr, Tumblr, ArtStation (and more) and comes with the following features:

  • Automatic wallpaper updates
  • Multi-subreddits
  • Dim, blur, and crop image effects
  • Home screen & lock screen wallpaper support
  • Hot/New post sorting
  • NSFW filtering
  • HD Image Filtering
  • Wallpaper history
  • App shortcut widget
  • Wi-Fi & cellular data, or Wi-Fi only
  • Wallpaper change notifications
  • Suggested subreddits list

Wallpaper Changer for Reddit
Wallpaper Changer for Reddit

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